Top 10 IDEs for Node.js Applications

For nearly a decade now, Node.js has been flourishing immensely among programmers and developers. Node.js being highly efficient, lightweight, and data-intensive real-time application were major factors in the contribution to its popularity. Many tech giants such as Groupon, IBM, LinkedIn, GoDaddy, SAP, Voxer, Microsoft, Netflix, and PayPal have been known to use Node.js. It has the ability to handle contemporaneous connections when needed for effective performance and speed.

Because of the ample number of IDEs and text editors out there, we made our top picks for the best IDEs for Node.js. You can visit the previous list of the top IDEs for Node.js here.

Top 10 IDE for Node.js

#1. Visual Studio Code

Though released only in 2015, Visual Studio Code has become the most popular environmental tool for users. According to a survey in 2018 by the Q&A programmers site Stack Overflow, Visual Studio Code was voted to be the most used source code editor in 2018 with 34.9% using it. Visual Studio Code is also a free and open source. It offers assistance for syntax highlighting, debugging, embedded Git Control, snippets, and code refactoring. Visual Studio Code is available for all major platforms and is a lightweight text editor, two of the greatest needs of programmers.

#2. Eclipse Che

Eclipse Che is a cloud integrated development environment. It was developed by the Eclipse enterprises and initially released at the end of March 2016. It is mainly used by teams and organizations because of it being a cloud IDE. Along with providing a browser-based IDE, plugins for tools, languages, and frameworks, and workspaces inclusive of runtimes and IDEs, Eclipse Che also has RESTful workspace server and SKD for creating assemblies and plugins. It is available in two modes; Single-user that is mainly suited for a PC environment and Multi-user that is mainly meant for organizations and developer working in teams.

#3. Webstorm

Webstorm is a powerful JavaScript IDE which was created and developed by JetBrains. Being a smart and powerful IDE, Webstorm gives you the best coding assistance for CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Angular, React and many others. Its features include autocompletion, on-the-fly error prevention, smart code insight, and safe refactoring. It also has built-in tools for testing and tracing clients and Node.js applications along with debugging, VCS, terminal and other tools. There is a built-in server that comes in handy when you have to try out snippets of your ongoing project. Despite being a powerful IDE, it still uses very less memory compared to its electron-based competitors. It is ideal for server-side development with Node.js.

#4. Atom

Atom is an open source and free source text editor like most other IDEs built with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Node.js integration. It has modern code completion features and comes pre-installed with four UI and 8 syntax themes that can be easily customized. On this IDE, you can share your workspace and write or edit codes with your team members in real time. You can also work with Git and GitHub along with the GitHub package. This editor gives you built-in package management which assists you with getting all the features in a modern JavaScript Text editor. The IDE is highly modular which means you can use it once it’s unraveled from the package. Also, it has built-in HiDPI support which means there will no issue of scaling.

#5. Brackets

Brackets is another IDE that is started by Adobe. It is a free and open source software that is written in CSS, JavaScript, and HTML. Brackets works on Linux, Microsoft Windows, and macOS platforms. It is available under MIT License. It opens really fast and allows you to switch between projects more swiftly compared to its competitors. The clean visuals free from any unnecessary clutter makes it more user-friendly. This software allows developers to use multiple brackets and even run multiple Node.js with console output inside brackets editors. It has advanced features, such as inline editing, code folding, live code previewing, command line integration, and preprocessor support.

#6. Cloud9

Cloud9 IDE
Developed by AWS (Amazon Web Services), Cloud9 is a free cloud-based IDE that supports multiple programming languages such as Perl, Python, Go, C, C+, PHP, and JavaScript with Node.js. It allows you to write, run and debug your code. It uses Node.js in the back-end while being almost entirely written in JavaScript. Its features include code completion for snippets and identifiers, debugging, themes, tabbed file management, built-in image editor, key binding editor, built-in image editor, live previewing, plug-in support and much more. It also has syntax highlighting for C#, C/C++, CSS, Java, JavaScript, Markdown, PHP, Python, SQL, Ruby, Perl, etc. SoundCloud, MailChimp, Mozilla, Heruko and many more renowned names are associated with using Cloud9.

#7. IntelliJ IDEA

Intellij IDEA
A product of JetBrains, IntelliJ IDEA is a sturdy IDE that goes well with many technologies such as HTML5, Angular.js, and JavaScript. This IDE is usually applied as an IDE specific to Java alone. However, its features can assist in JavaScript programming too. It has features such as quick navigation, syntax highlighting, code assistance, code completion, smart code refactoring, and shrewd error analysis. It also provides support for development tools such as Grunt, Gulp, and Karma. It also ensures that you do not lose your dynamics even while being engaged in complex tasks. It is also known to increase productivity for Java EE, Play, GWT, Grails and many more.

#8. Komodo IDE

Komodo is an immensely powerful cross-platform IDE that supports major programming languages such as Ruby, PHP, Node.js, JavaScript and more. It lets you run commands, create custom configurations, track changes and use shortcuts. It has many modern day features that are in high demand from developers. They include DOM viewer, source code control integration, debugger support, interactive shell and much more. Developers can manage their workflows of large projects with ease thanks to its built-in version control mechanism.

#9. WebMatrix


WebMatrix is a simple and incredibly lightweight IDE for windows. It is created by Microsoft and supports web development using Node.js with features including built-in templates, code completion, and publishing to the cloud. It is ideally used for ASP.NET sites and even CSS, HTML and PHP. It has an in-built Node.js template for web applications and websites using OAuth, Express, routing, and others.

#10. Koding

Koding is an open-source, cloud-based IDE that comes with features such as syntax highlighting, auto indenting, workspace, keyboard shortcuts, collapsible panes, code preview using built-in browser and code folding. This IDE is used for developing applications using PHP, RUBY, Node.js and many more. It is an excellent tool for developers that work in large teams.

Honorable Mentions

#1. Codenvy

Codenvy offers a variety of versions for different price variations. It also provides cloud workspaces to write, run and debug for app developers and web designers. The availability of cloud workspaces for dev teams makes developing code with portable docker runtimes possible. The dev mode comes in handy while configuring the runtime, injecting root-privileged terminal, SSH access, language services followed with a debugger.

#2. Aptana

Aptana is an eclipse based IDE that was ‘toned down’ to focus only on web applications and popular frameworks. This IDE supports languages like PHP, Python, Ruby, Rails, HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript, meaning it can help you develop and test applications in a single environment. It also comes with an integrated debugger that helps developers inspect a variable, set breakpoints, and even control executions.

#3. CodeLite

Codelite is an open source IDE that specializes in programming languages such as PHP, C++, C, and JavaScript. It fully supports Node.js and has features that include Node.js debugger, compiler, lightweight memory footprints, and intelligent code completion.


With a plethora of IDEs, usage of Node.js has become popular among developers. It is extremely easy to create real-time web applications such as chat applications. I hope that you found the list helpful to identify the best IDE for Node.js. Also, if you feel that there are more popular IDEs than the ones we have mentioned, share it with us in the comments section below.

And if you are keen to learn more about Node.js, you can try out this course for becoming a certified Node.js developer.

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